Management & Innovation Experts

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Management & Innovation Experts

Many management consulting firms profess to specialize in healthcare; yet, few of their people have spent their careers in the field. Each BERNARD team consultant belongs to the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants and their vocation is and has always been in healthcare.

With a passion for innovation and in-depth knowledge of how the healthcare system works, BERNARD is a trusted partner to many mental health, seniors’ care, community health and primary care organizations seeking to have an impact.

If your organization is struggling with clinical, operational and/or organizational inefficiencies; staffing and scheduling; staff and leadership training and retention; client and/or caregiver engagement; or governance, we can help.


  • Business Plans
  • Clinical Services Plans
  • Corporate Strategic Plans
  • Health Link & Collaborative Partnership Plans
  • Information Management Strategies
  • Regional Health System Plans
Organizational Design
  • Governance Reviews & Frameworks
  • Integrated Clinical Program Structure Design
  • Leadership & Governance Coaching
  • Organizational Reviews
  • Project Management Office Design
Process & Operations Optimization
  • Client Flow Analysis & Optimization
  • Cost Containment Plans
  • Experience-Based Co-Design Facilitation
  • Lean Enterprise Technique Redesign
  • Operating Plans
  • Operational Reviews
Funding & Cost Models
  • Cost & Utilization Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting Tools
  • Health Care Funding Models
  • Outcome-Based Funding Analysis
  • Resource Allocation Models
Program Assessment & Evaluation
  • Performance Indicators, Scorecards & Dashboards
  • Program Evaluation Models
  • Program Optimization Plans
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence Frameworks
Needs & Capacity Assessments
  • Clinical Program & Service Inventories
  • Health System Utilization Analysis
  • Population-Based Service Model Design
  • System Capacity Analysis and Plans
Health Care Toolkits & Guides
  • Clinical Pathways
  • Condition-Specific Patient & Caregiver Guides
  • Health System Navigation Tools
  • Health Tool Market Strategies
Scheduling & Staffing Review and Optimization
  • Budgeted Staffing Levels & Patterns Development
  • Data Sets Analysis and Synthesis (i.e. Overtime, Sick Time, Pertinent Grievances)
  • Guideline or Manual Development
  • Leadership and Staff Training
  • Master Schedule Template Development
  • Scheduling Software Build, Customization & Optimization
  • Scheduling and Staffing Best Practices


As an award-winning nursing professional and certified health executive—backed by degrees in Health Sciences, a keen eye for gaps in efficiency, and a vested interest in inclusive care—Sheryl Bernard Wedderburn has spent the last 30 years driving change with notable private healthcare and social service organizations.

When you hire BERNARD as certified professional management consultants, this is the expertise you engage.