Healthcare Growth & Change Specialists

BERNARD is a boutique management consulting firm serving private companies, social services, community and public healthcare systems.


Bernard Consultants started as registered nurses and healthcare practitioners and progressed to holding senior leadership positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities. Renowned for their passion, subject matter, clinical, governance and operational expertise, they serve as trusted confidantes to healthcare executives in Public Healthcare and Social Services, Community, Private Healthcare and Professional Services.


As an award-winning nursing professional and certified health executive—backed by degrees in Health Sciences, a keen eye for gaps in efficiency, and a vested interest in inclusive care—Sheryl Bernard Wedderburn has spent the last 30 years driving change with notable organizations like the Scarborough Hospital and Ontario Shores.

Her latest endeavour and the culmination of her career goals is BERNARD Consultancy, a healthcare and business consultation company. As principal consultant and CEO, Bernard Wedderburn guides private and public healthcare organizations through the strategy and execution required to align their policies and leadership with their values and visions for equitable and high-quality health care.

Beyond her entrepreneurial and 9-to-5 roles, Bernard Wedderburn’s proudest accomplishments have included founding the Jamaican Canadian Association of Nurses (JCAN), acting as an adjunct lecturer at prestigious Canadian universities, and mentoring young nurses towards the next level of their career.

While Sheryl Bernard Wedderburn is grateful for the accolades and acknowledgements her life’s work has earned her, she is most deeply rewarded by the difference she can make in healthcare and beyond and the legacy of leadership she will leave behind.