Our work is more than just a one-time project. We create lasting relationships to serve your organization | business over the years. We design proficiencies and solutions. We create tools to make your job easier.


Rebranding & Expanding Toolkit

If status-quo or mediocrity is unacceptable in your corporation, this package includes a suite of services to jump-start the steps or leverage existing practices to purposefully rebrand your organization’s mission, vision, values and to advance your operational services. We recommend the following steps to achieve your refreshed organization, however you can select your preferred services or a package can be customized to meet your individual needs. This toolkit is best suited for healthcare services (including acute, tertiary, long term & community care) group homes | retirement homes | small businesses | non-profit organizations | not-for-profit Board of Directors. We will:

• Conduct Operational Reviews

• Facilitate Team Building | Staff Development

• Acquire Quality Care Frameworks

• Customize Policy & Procedure Manuals

• Develop Service | Integration Agreements

• Prepare for facility inspections & put corrective actions in place in response to registrar orders

• Complete Innovative Proposal Writing

• Optimize Staff Scheduling | Labour Management

• Cultivate ‘Engaged’ Governance - Board development, strategic planning, writing constitutions | by-laws


Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process will provide an honest appraisal of your organizations current business practices by identifying where you are now, where you are going and how you will get there.  We will:

• Design & facilitate the strategic planning process

• Develop & conduct the stakeholder engagement sessions

• Document the plan, formalize goals & objectives

• Work with executive team to implement strategic plan & manage indicators


Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Your organization will come out ‘on top’ with sustainable positive outcomes if you invest in the ongoing development of your leadership and management team. Coaching will build upon the knowledge and skill of your leaders, optimize their ability to excel in their day-to-day performance management while driving complex organizational and system changes. Mentoring prepares managers to better coach their staff to become high performers while fostering a positive working environment that will renew a foundation of trust, respect and proficiency. We offer you:

• One-to-One Leadership Coaching

• Tailored Team Coaching

• Personalized Mentoring

• Board Development


Small Business Start-up

Entrepreneurial businesses are on the rise. We believe in building upon your concept to take it to a tangible business model. We will:

• Brainstorm business concepts

• Determine viability | legislative requirements

• Brand your business

• Develop a business plan | service delivery model

• Determine ideal location | zoning requirements

• Develop implementation plan


Accounting & Payroll Software Training & Setup

We recognize that there are many systems available to support or enable your business. Our team will work with you to ensure that you select the most suitable products for your business. We will:

• Assist with products development and sourcing

• Facilitate staff education and training

• Support software set-up and functionality (i.e. WSIB, QuickBooks, Payroll)


We begin with a telephone introductory chat where we can quickly determine suitable fit. High-level concepts of the project or service requirements are discussed.



Your organization’s vision for the project is clearly articulated. This is where we collaboratively develop your project Goals and Objectives including identify deliverables.



Once the vision and project concepts are determined, we will propose a methodology that is most appropriate and most efficient to ensure the steps to arrive at a successful project is realized. The project framework is illustrated in an outline that will require your approval. We like to incorporate a review process that enables you and your team to remain involved in the execution of your project.



We share drafts of the deliverables as determined and scheduled, giving you the opportunity to see how things are coming together and provide feedback until the final product is delivered.



Bernard Consultancy believes in building strong relationships with our clients. We make every effort to maintain our involvement with your organization to ensure seamless planning for future engagement.